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Announcing that the 16th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women is being held in The Blue Mountains, Australia from Sunday June 23rd 2019. The theme is New Horizons in Buddhism.

The ACO is delighted that one of our members Dr Anita Milicevic will be presenting a workshop there, entitled “The Journey from Trauma to Flourishing”.

Through meditation, introspective reflection and in-depth discussion, this workshop will explore the four Buddhist heart practices – the cultivation of loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy and impartiality. These ancient contemplative skills provide a clear pathway for the contemporary woman to face the complexities of suffering in fearless and deeply compassionate ways. This workshop will introduce a journey from the abyss of trauma along the path of healing through the cultivation of wellbeing, leading to genuine happiness. It will provide a map for this sacred journey from the first- and second-person testimony to the dialogue and discussion about the challenges of everyday life in our troubled world. It will shed light on ancient wisdom, the ground of courage and boundless love that has often been neglected in clinical treatments, therapeutic settings and academic studies on women’s experience of trauma, abuse and shame. Participation in this workshop requires openheartedness and commitment to learning which may at times be outside of the participant’s comfort zone. It reaches beyond mere intellectual knowledge and delves into the heart of experiential learning and knowing. In order to heal the world we need to heal ourselves first.

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