The Australian Contemplative Observatory


The Australian Contemplative Observatory (ACO) is a registered Association with the NSW Department of Fair Trading. We currently have a Public Officer, Secretary, Treasurer and general financial members who are all dedicated to building a contemplative observatory in Australia.

The ACO is currently collaborating with the Santa Barbara Institute (SBI) to create the first contemplative observatory in Tuscany which will be an international endeavour. This will be the training ground for contemplatives to gain knowledge and experience to return home to Australia and create a similar place here.

We have a community of 80+ people in Australia wishing to collaborate in this project, many of them willing to go on long-term retreat. The ACO will be part of a network of centres once the initial one in Tuscany is well established.

Message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Research and Articles

Why we need contemplative observatories:

In this Wisdom Moments video Alan Wallace talks about the series of new books he is working on, which will consist of a collection of translations of texts attributed to the Dzogchen master Düdjom Lingpa, a nineteenth-century Nyingma tertön, and his disciples Sera Khandro and Padma Tashi.

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