The Australian Contemplative Observatory

Association and Fundraising Update


Picture courtesy of Amanda Sumner-Potts

Picture courtesy of Amanda Sumner-Potts

Fantastic news – we are now a registered association with the Department of Fair Trading NSW under the name of ‘The Australian Contemplative Observatory’. We are also accepting applications from those who are interested in joining the association and contributing to our fundraising efforts. Please visit the Membership page for more information.

We have made potential site visits to Maleny in QLD as well as Yarramalong in NSW to facilitate a realistic appraisal of land costs as well as draw up plans for possible retreat cabin designs.

Our next step is to draw up a plan for raising revenue for the land and construction process, as well as applying for tax exemption status for the building fund. A time line will be created for the completion of the project. We hope to be able to offer the ability for donors to gain a tax deduction for their donation.

We also held a movie night where we screened ‘When The Iron Bird Flies’ at The Bamboo Buddha (Central Coast NSW), which was a great success.


  1. Have you thought of sites in Victoria or Tasmania? There are some very beautiful and barely touched places along the Eastern coast of Victoria.

    • Thank you for your comment and extremely sorry for the late reply. Those areas have definitely crossed our minds however a suitable plot of land has yet to be found.. Any suggestions for land to purchase would be warmly welcomed. Kind regards.

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